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Sunday, October 29, 2023, 15:00-16:25


Kokusai Dori (in front of Palette Kumoji – in front of Naha Tenbusukan), Tenbusukan Hiroba


15:00〜15:13Opening Ceremony (Special Stage in front of Tembusu Naha)
15:13〜15:18Warming-up exercises
15:18〜15:23Simultaneous demonstration [FukyugataⅠ] (All participants)
15:23〜15:33Explanation of preparation for the group demonstration
15:33~16:13Group Demonstrations (in each demonstration area) (4 member groups of Okinawa Dento Karate Shinkokai)
16:13~16:25Closing ceremony, Seiken zuki for World Peace Prayer (50) (All participants)

Demonstration Area

What is Fukyugata

In 1941, the Karate-do Technical Committee was established to create simple kata for beginners and to popularize karate. The committee also approved “Fukyugata I,” created by Nagamine Shoshin, Shuri-te kei/Tomari-te kei and later founder of Shorin-ryu, and “Fukyugata II” created by Miyagi Chojun, the founder of Goju-ryu and a member of the committee, which was a partial modification of the “GEKISAI” kata. Currently, “KANSHIWA,” created after 1950 by Kanei Uechi, the second generation of Uechi-ryu, is officially recognized as “Fukyugata III.

Simultaneous demonstration (FukyugataⅠ) movie

Please review the video and learn the kata before attending.


Members of the general public are welcome to attend (free). Please make sure to register in advance, as space will be reserved for registered participants. Please note that unauthorized entry into the demonstration areas of other groups on the day of the event may result in inconvenience, and you may be asked to leave the venue in some cases.

*Application deadline Wednesday, September 27 17:00
*This is the application form for members of the general public.
All other participants are required to register through their dojo or the organization they belong to.